MONDAY 18 APRIL 6.30pm F1 BL Falcons 12 v Nitro Dragons 7.20pm F1 AL Falcons 16 v Tigers Gold 6.30pm F2 BL Falcons 14 v Jokers 7.20pm F2 AL Cobras v Tigers Black

6.30pm F3 BL Touche v Tigers White BYE: FALCONS 18 AL TUESDAY 19 APRIL 6.30pm F1 CMX Mustangs v Granny Smiths 7.20pm F1 DMX Natives v Phantoms 8.10pm F1 A/BMX Rhondda Jets v Cobras 6.30pm F2 CMX Tigers White v Who Knows 7.20pm F2 DMX Touch My Balls v Rhondda Roulettes 8.10pm F2 A/BMX Tigers Gold v Koalas 6.30pm F3 CMX Running on Empty v United 7.20pm F3 DMX Misfits v I Think Property 6.30pm F4 CMX The Unfit Friends v Touchy Feely BYE: TIGERS BLACK A/BMX WEDNESDAY 20 APRIL 6.30pm BM Falcons 16 v Tigers 7.20pm AM Better Than Lego v Cobras 6.30pm BM 6 Again v Bandits 7.20pm AM United v Tigers Black 6.30pm CM Rhondda Bombers v Falcons 14 7.20pm CM Rhondda Flyers v Tavern Punishers BYE: FALCONS BOYS 18

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