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Monday 12 JUNE 2023

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F1 6.30pm AL Falcons 18 v Falcons 16 F1 7.20pm AL Cobras v IGGS F2 6.30pm BL Falcons 14 v Falcons 12 F2 7.20pm AL Jokers v Tigers Black F3 7.20pm BL Touche v Barbarians

These are the washout games from Round 9.

Semi Finals to be played on Monday 19 June


Semi Finals

F1 6.30pm BMX Sharkbait v Big Boys

F1 7.20pm CMX Shoes v Mustangs F2 6.30pm C1MX Tigers White v Unfit Friends F2 7.20pm C1MX Rhondda Roulettes v Barbarians F3 6.30pm C2MX Granny Smiths v BFT Bobcatz F3 7.20pm C2MX Phantoms v Rhondda Maroon F4 6.30pm DMX United v Misfits F4 7.20pm DMX Touchy Feely v Natives

BYE: Tigers Gold BMX straight to the grand final

Physioactive CMX straight to the grand final

WEDNESDAY 14 JUNE SEMI FINALS F1 6.30pm AM Cobras v Falcons 18 F1 7.20pm AM Bandits v Falcons 16

F2 6.30pm BM 6 Again v Rhondda Black

F2 7.20pm CM Falcons 14 v Rock Wallabies

Tigers BM straight through to the Grand Final Rhondda Purple CM through to the Grand Final

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